Peekaboo Child Care Website Review


“The Peekaboo Philosophy
Our philosophy of care focuses on the whole child.

  • We believe the early years of life build a framework for lifelong learning.
  • We believe in the dignity and value of all children.
  • We believe that social and intellectual skills are best learned in an environment where self-esteem is nurtured and respect is absolute.
  • We believe that children learn best through active exploration, experimentation and problem solving in a safe and stimulating setting.” (Peekaboo. 2013)

The  Peekaboo Child Care Website is a great representation of what they provide within their center as well as Peekaboo as a community. It provides a professional outline of what Peekaboo is, how to go through it and the new products that they are introducing in all of the centers. The website is easy to navigate and provides directive and easy pages in order to go exactly where you would like based on main subjects. The Peekaboo website seems to be kept up to date and relevant of what is going on within the centers. The layout of the website is modern and follows the Peekaboo slogan in a professional manner.

The usability and navigation of the Peekaboo website is made easy with the directive categories that is given. Once you have decided on the subject area you would like to go to, say for instance programs, it has different sections of descriptive information based on the age of the child that you can further click and receive more relevant info! Thus, making the main categories the main priority on the starting page and sub-pages relating to the topic on their pages. This can be seen as a tool creating easy navigation as the pages are reflective of what a parent would like to know based on the subject. Furthermore, the website has a side bar of “Explore Peekaboo”, “Locations’, “Drop by for a visit”, and “Testimonials” on every page that is clicked allowing the parent to take the next logical step when choosing a daycare. This can be seen as a good marketing strategy as well as leading the client to what you’d like them to see.The multi-media used in Peekaboo are videos for testimonials of current and previous clients reflecting parent and child views. There is a slide show that goes through 4 slides located on the main page, acknowledging the new products being implemented and what Peekaboo would like to reflect in their work. There is a GPS map that allows potential clients to input their postal code and address, enabling them to find a Peekaboo closest to them. Another multi-media dynamic Peekaboo uses is Video over the Internet, where parents are able to pay an extra amount of money weekly in order to watch their child within their classroom over the internet. A great program they are currently starting to implement is Pipeline which allows parents to access their child’s daily activities, milestones, and updates over a program they can download specific to Peekaboo.

The best qualities of the website would be the multi-media usage as it is unique and professional. As I looked at other child care centers it was evident that smaller centers did not have these sorts of multimedia’s on their website, but were rather plan and ordinary. By having the slide show on the first page it demonstrates the up-to-date knowledge and professionalism that Peekaboo is trying to portray to the public. In my opinion, the website is represented as a fun and interactive use for information based on the layout and colors. As it is a direct representation of the Peekaboo centers, it is demonstrating that within the images, pictures, subjects, and wording that the potential client is able to see.

The recommendations I would suggest for the Peekaboo Website are to moderate the amount of information on the Home Page. As it is directive and easy to navigate it is also seen as very busy, in my opinion. By having the moving slides with the information under the page tabs, as well as three sections below the slides makes my eyes hurt and wonder where I can specifically focus on. I would suggest to make it simpler by taking a few of the home page categories out, or subdividing it into categories that are easy to find. By doing this I believe that people whom are not experts on the computer would be able to focus on the most important information rather than the smaller things such as the Facebook Page for Peekaboo.


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